Yamanashi Through the Eyes of a Nature Enthusiast

I have known Tomiya Niitsu, a resident of Kai City, for over 25 years but only recently learned of his passion for nature photography in Yamanashi. After much cajoling, I finally convinced him to allow me to use some of his beautiful images in my blog. I hope you are as impressed as I am. Many of the images Tomiya creates are captured at a speed of 2000 frames per second. He loves to freeze movement with his camera to reveal fleeting moments of natural beauty. Tomiya told me that he can happily wait for hours to capture the right image. Please enjoy the results of his thousands of hours of waiting for the right moment.

甲府市カワセミ (4)
A kingfisher revealing it true colours
甲府市カワセミ (2)
A kingfisher striking the water in autumn
伊奈ヶ湖 (6)_00001
Lake Inagako in November
A fantastic picture of koi at Lake Inagako
A soaring egret in the Southern Alps
伊奈ヶ湖 (3)
A majestic swan in Lake Inagako
Sunflowers of Akeno

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