Live at Kakurinbo Temple Inn: NATTO MAKING!

Please look at this Washington Post video about Shukubo Kakurinbo


Although I could not attend this event, I heard it was  a great success. About 25 people participated and everyone said they enjoyed the demonstration as well as the temple lunch that followed. All the dishes Ms. Higuchi demonstrated were served with the lunch. I must reiterate that the natto made from Akebono soybeans is pleasing to the palate without offending one’s sense of smell. Please stay tuned for more information about similar events in the future. Here are some pictures from the event:

Junko Higuchi giving the Akebono soybean demonstration
The cooking station for the demonstration
The participants at the demonstration

Below you will find the original blog posting for the natto-making event at Kakurinbo.

Learn how to make ultra-healthy natto, without the bad smell, using only locally-sourced Akebono Soybeans. Later, enjoy a temple lunch and then attend a special bean-throwing ceremony at Kuon-ji on Mount Minobu to pray for good health and happiness.

Languages: English and Japanese

Cost: 3,000 yen per participant (all inclusive)

Location: Kakurinbo Temple Inn, Minobu, Yamanashi

Date: Friday, Feb 3rd, 2017



10:00 am (Demonstration at Kakurinbo)

12:00 pm (Lunch at Kakurinbo)

13:00 pm (Bean Throwing at Kuon-ji)

15:00 pm (Finish)



 Contact:       055-662-0014 (Japanese)

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