The Jindai Zakura

This 2000-year-old cherry tree, located at Otsuyama Jisso-ji Temple, Hokuto, Yamanashi,  is said to be one of the oldest in all Japan. I was hesitant to visit a temple to see a single tree, but the tree, along with its surrounding temple grounds, is a real showstopper. Although the sight can be overrun with photography buffs during cherry-blossom season, I would highly recommend a visit. However, I suggest you come on a weekday to avoid massive crowds.


What’s more, I was quite taken with the fields of daffodils on the temple grounds. I usually am impervious to superfluous displays of beauty, but this place quickly won me over.


The Southern Japanese Alps created a fitting backdrop to the alluring temple grounds.


I love getting up close to see what secrets temples hold.


The temple water features always captivate me.


I cannot resist taking pictures of the local bread of dog (Kai Ken). This particular Kai Ken was very friendly, and his owner allowed me to play with him.

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