The Dogs of Kamijo Village

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Moshi Moshi House
Moshi-Moshi House was the first house in the village to have a telephone.

If you spend a night in this 150-year-old house, you will have a fantastic view of the valley below, but I personally enjoyed meeting the dogs of the village more than I enjoyed the view. The first dog I met was 13-year-old Marine. She was a mix of different Japanese breeds, but she was mostly Kai Ken (a local breed that has dark stripes like a tiger). Marine was fierce at first, but she warmed up once her owner arrived on the scene.

Here is Marine trying her best to look tough.

A little further on near the local shrine, I met up with Koro and his master. Koro also looked like a mixed-breed, but he had more Akita in him. He was a very friendly 7-year-old. His master scolded him for being so jumpy, but I think he smelt my dog, so he was curious.

Here is Koro and his master out for a walk.

Finally, I saw my last dog, Chibi (tiny), from the second floor of Moshi-Moshi house. Chibi was a kind of long-haired dachshund. Apparently she is ferocious, hence the photo from the second floor of the house. Don’t let the photo fool you. Her owner assured me she was a serial biter.

Here is Chibi trying to figure out where my voice is coming from.
Moshi-Moshi House
The view from the second floor of Moshi-Moshi House

If you are interested in spending a night at the Moshi-Moshi Guest House in Kamijo Village, the proprietor can collect you from JR Enzan Station which is about 90 minutes from JR Shinjuku Station on the JR Chuo Line. Be warned that you will have to bring your own food and drinks. The cost for the entire house on weekdays is ¥10,000 plus ¥3,000 extra per guest. Sundays and public holidays are ¥20,000 plus. The high season, Golden Week or New Years, is ¥30,000 plus. Check-in is at 3:00 pm and check out is at 10:00 am. You can find Moshi-Moshi House on Airbnb or contact them at: +81-80-8820-9339.

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