Obon Festival in Akasawa Village

If you are lucky enough to visit Akasawa Village from August 11th to August 19th, 2018, you will not be disappointed. The quiet village has been transformed into a dreamworld of colour for just one short week. I cannot recommend this village enough to visitors to Japan.


Start your walk from just behind the Buddhist temple and continue down until you come to the café, Shimizuya.


You can park your car in the small parking area behind the temple.


The café is decorated with murals done by professional artists and children.


The colours are stunning to behold at night.


Many of the themes depict the culture and nature of the area.


The details are exquisite.


Once you have finished marvelling at the murals, enter the café to try delicious local ice creams.

Getting There:

Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line to JR Shizuoka Station, change to the Limited Express Fujikawa bound for JR Minobu Station (departures at 8:17, 9:41, 11:41, 13:39, 15:40, 17:40, 19:40). You can also access Minobu from JR Shinjuku Station in 3 hours by taking an express train to JR Kofu Station on the JR Chuo Line. Once you arrive in Kofu, you will change to the JR Minobu Line for JR Minobu Station. Once you have arrived at JR Minobu Station, you can take a bus to Sumise Bus Stop which is located in a small village between Akasawa Village and Mount Shichimen. The buses are infrequent, so plan to arrive at JR Minobu Station at an appropriate time. You will find the Sumise Timetable below.

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