Lake Inagako

伊奈ヶ湖 (6)_00001
Lake Inagako in November (Photo by Tomiya Nittsu) 

Lake Inagako is the fifth instalment in my series of honourable mentions. I never gave this tiny man-made lake much thought but was convinced to go there with a group of twenty university students hailing from all corners of East, and Southeast Asia. I was pleasantly surprised at how absolutely beautiful the lake was. You can easily walk around the lake in less than ten minutes, but you will want to stop to feed the koi (Japanese carp), ducks and swan. This lake is a perfectly peaceful escape, especially if you are travelling with children.

Here are some of the students

I was very surprised at how excited the students were to feed all the creatures that gathered by the dock.

The offering of bread induced a feeding frenzy!

However, for me, the fall colours made the lake a more attractive destination.

Photo by Tomiya Nittsu
Fall colours at Lake Inagako (Photo by Tomiya Nittsu)

If you’ve got an extra hour to spare, why not drive up the mountainside to visit Lake Inagako?

This map has details about cycling to Inagako. I always use a light-weight carbon fibre bike, so the timing may be way off for a regular bike.

Lake Inagako

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