Myouren Waterfall

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I stumbled upon this waterfall by accident as I was meandering up a mountain road in Fujikawa, Yamanashi. A man standing in a rather unassuming gravel parking lot told me as I exited my truck that the waterfall was just a 10-minute walk away.  I decided I would have a look. The approach wasn’t noteworthy until I saw a gangway that looked like salvaged scaffolding.


I suddenly felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie. The walkway was solid but looked a bit dodgy. I kept going because nobody puts this kind of effort into building a walkway unless there is something worth seeing.


I finally arrived at a spectacular waterfall that took my breath away. The waterfall was reason enough for the trip, but the view of the moss-covered gorge and canopy of bizarre-looking trees filled with song birds and butterflies was transcendent.


For scale, I asked my companion for the day to stand next to the main fall. Pictures may tell a thousand words, but they pale in comparison to what the human eye can behold. I tried to do justice to the majesty of this natural wonder, but I am afraid my pictures are simply not adequate to convey the true experience.


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